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"Alto has been an intricate partner in Unyson's development and growth. Working with Alto allows Unyson to provide a dynamic web portal that can meet the needs of our diverse customer base​​.”

- Dick Peterson, President, Unyson Logisitics - Special Services

Customer and Industry

Unyson is recognized as a leading multimodal transportation solutions provider.​​


Create a tool that could gather this information from the multiple vendors and display it in a uniform manner to the customer and their own administrative and support staff.  ​


ASP.NET web portal ​and XML web service.

Customer Profile

Unyson's customer portal provides targeted information to the customers and cost-efficient administration tools for their staff. ​

The Special Services division of Unyson Logistics focuses on customers with "outside the-box" transportation requirements. They offer customized solutions for shipping needs, including delivering pharmaceutical samples and full outsource solutions for customers. Offerings include retail deliveries, heavyweight expedited shipments, small parcel management, a variety of warehouse options and international air and ocean services.​

The Challenge​

Unyson wanted to provide its customers with real time details on shipment status. The challenge was that this information was dispersed amongst the several vendors used by Unyson. They needed to create a tool that could gather this information from the multiple vendors and display it in a uniform manner to the customer and their own administrative and support staff. 

To better serve its customers, Unyson's vision was to create a very user-friendly portal that provides the customer with in-depth automated reports and tools to manage and administer their shipments. The vision was to be able to customize the portal based on the needs of their customer. 

Unyson knew that its current processes could not handle their vision. They relied on status updates from vendors via Excel spreadsheets. Their staff then had to manually parse these spreadsheets to send the relevant data to individual customers. The process was very labor intensive and troublesome due to inconsistencies in the data provided. These inconsistencies impeded data analysis and the process prohibited the development of tools that give clients the ability to pull reports at any time of the day and be assured of the accuracy of data. Unyson was looking for long term partnership with a technology firm that would help them fulfill their vision.

Alto's Solution​

  • Alto designed and implemented an ASP.NET web portal that focuses on providing both Unyson Logistics and their clients with automated shipping information. 
  • Multiple vendors send data feeds throughout the day using an XML web service. The service validates and imports the data into a central database, which is then made available via the web portal for use by Unyson's customers and staff.  ​​
  • ​​The secured portal provides detailed shipping information specific to the customer. The customer can use the portal to track all of their shipments including information on delivery status and costs of individual shipments.  This helps them make real-time business decisions and sets Unyson apart from its competitors. 
  • Role-based security is implemented throughout the site to only allow access to data that is relevant to a particular customer's login. Additionally, clients may create, save, and run their own reports via SQL Server Reporting Service's Report Builder tool.
  • Comprehensive shipping information specific to the location is used by the locations to determine profitability. In addition, centralized data is available to Unyson Logistics administration to analyze vendor performance. Unyson maintains high levels of customer service by customizing the content available to individual customers via an administrator's module. 

The Benefits

Unyson has set itself apart from its competitors using the web portal Alto developed.

  • Clients and locations are provided with real-time shipment information allowing for better business decision-making and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility and expandability in the architecture of the system allows Unyson Logistics to add new features as the need arises. Unyson Logistics uses the system to collect and drive new types of information-gathering technology which helps them remain ahead in their industry.
  • More reliable data import, effective database design, and validated import procedures have decreased administrative time spent gathering and cleaning information. This has also increased confidence in reports; and assures that data viewed from the system is reliable and does not have to be double-checked before being distributed.
  • Unyson realized the global potential of the web and is now leveraging it to create a competitive advantage by providing real-time information and services to their clients as well as tools to automate tasks that had been performed manually. They view one of their main strengths as their ability to provide customers with great service and on-time deliveries. 
  • Unyson can re-allocate resources that were being used to manage this process manually. 
  • Unyson's staff can create and share their reports to gain efficiencies and cut costs. ​​​​​​