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Customer and Industry

Local Government Information Systems (LOGIS) is a consortium of Minnesota local government units. 

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) had developed a new database, schema set, and several interfaces to gather data from law enforcement agencies across the state and provide centralized reporting services on this data, but its users were encountering difficulty navigating the database.

Customer Profile

The purpose of LOGIS is to provide effective, reliable and adaptable technology solutions to Minnesota public agencies through the sharing of ideas, risks, resources and costs in a cooperative partnership that evolves with agencies' needs.​

The Challenge

Adoption by local law enforcement agencies of the new data sharing technologies developed for CIBRS had been very slow due to the complexity of the project. The team that developed the database and schemas may have underestimated the difficulty local agencies would have finding technical resources with the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the new system.

The Solution

  • One of the information systems LOGIS maintains is a law enforcement records management system. LOGIS partnered with Alto Consulting & Training on the project.
  • The CIBRS submission includes extraction of specified police records from the Motorola LRMS system for a portion (3-5) of the 24 LOGIS police agencies and send the records to a designated host server at the BCA. Qualifying records will be transmitted but segregated for each of the police agencies and every record will be tracked and audited within the LOGIS CIBRS interface, then flagged as one of the following: initial send, modification send or deletion. The extract/send process will take place automatically, without user intervention, and occur at least every seven days but probably daily.​​
  • The transferred data will include items required by CIBRS, eCharging and Name Event Index Services (NEIS) that are currently collected by the Motorola LRMS. The data will comply in format to the MCJEC2C schema. The data will be submitted as standard XML documents and comply with the MCJE-C2C schema as published. All documents will be validated against this schema before submission.
  • LOGIS computing environment will also comply with the current enterprise technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and the Microsoft .Net framework, and will comply with the Department of Public Safety’s Security Architecture standards and data privacy practices.
  • ​LOGIS was successful by partnering with Alto Consulting and Training to design the data interchange system and assist with the system development.