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Customer and Industry

Dakota Provisions, is a state-of-the-art turkey processing plant that produces homegrown, world-class products.


Convert Flash based website into a HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PHP5 off the CMS called WordPress. (


Apache web server, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PHP5.

Customer Profile

Dakota Provisions manufactures and produces poultry and protein products that are specially designed for retail and food service partners. Located just east of the James River, Dakota Provisions was founded by a co-op of growers, most of whom are members of Hutterite communities.

The Challenge

  • Dakota Provisions wanted to quickly transition from their existing website created with Flash to a new platform that would work on all browsers and preferably be responsive and mobile friendly too.
  • Since their old site was made completely with Flash, changing content was costly and time consuming. Dakota Provisions wanted to be able to easily change the content on the website on their own.
  • Dakota Provisions wanted to keep the cost of designing and developing their new website within a tight budget.

Alto's Solution

  • Alto built the website fast and efficiently using WordPress as the platform.
  • Alto used new techniques to create a completely responsive website that works on all browsers and devices.
  • Since WordPress has easy to use content tools, Dakota Provisions team was able to quickly learn how to add new content as well as modify existing content.
  • Alto incorporated existing media, graphics and content into the new site.
  • Alto’s SEO experts laid the ground work for a more powerful SEO that will help Dakota Provisions reach more companies on the web.
  • Alto setup web analytics so Dakota Provisions could monitor page hits and develop a better understanding of their visitor demographics.


Upgrading Dakota Provisions website from Flash to a more stable platform proved to be a simple and fast transition. The cost-effectively delivered result is a cutting edge website utilizing best practices which provides a backbone for easy use and growth. Dakota Provisions now has control of their website and we’re excited to see them grow.​​​​​​