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Company Profile

ATK is a premier aerospace and defense company with more than 17,000 employees in 21 states and anticipated FY09 revenue of approximately $4.6 billion.

Critical Issues

  • ATK was currently on its way to ISO compliance, but needed a new computerized bidding system to achieve these standards.
  • ATK’s existing bidding system was mostly manual and disparate, using spreadsheets and manual merging of data. The new system sought to automate the process and centralize business rules.
  • ATK had external systems that needed to interface with the new bidding system.
  • ATK required the ability to control access through Active Directory groups.
  • ATK needed to export and import information within the new application.
Alto built and designed a new ASP.NET application for ATK, utilizing the .NET 3.5 Framework, SQL Server Integrated Services, and SQL Server 2005. The application has several functions, which range across Microsoft Technologies. For data transformations, including importing and exporting, Alto created a SMO Agent, for the application. The SMO Agent allows users to execute the SSIS packages on demand.

Resulting Benefits

ATK is now able to claim ISO compliance, due to the productivity increase and standards operations gained from this application. Alto utilized the built in .NET security framework, this allows ATK’s IT staff to control access to the application, through Active Directory groups. Alto also created a SMO Agent that allows the SQL Server to take care of the Import and Export data transformations, which help keep the whole application running very fast and stable.

Technologies Used

Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Business Integration Development Studio 2005

Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Services 2005


ATK Case Study