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"BSI could not have delivered to market such a robust, user-friendly application, so quickly, without Alto consulting and their talented team using SharePoint Server as a platform."

- Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Biomedical Synergies, Inc.

Customer and Industry

Biomedical Synergies, Inc. is a healthcare consulting and software development firm focused on the human tissue industry. 


Deliver a hosted applicationand a web based application for tracking and tracing of transplantable human tissue.


Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server and SharePoint.​

Customer Profile

Founded by human tissue and blood banking experts, Biomedical Synergies, Inc. is a healthcare consulting and software development firm focused on the human tissue industry. Biomedical Synergies, Inc. will guide your facility through the pitfalls of tissue management to achieve regulatory compliance (The Joint Commission, CAP, AABB, and FDA) for tissue tracking by utilizing our proven methods and our TRACS4Life software.

The Challenge 

Biomedical Synergies, Inc. (BSI) designed a patent pending process for tracking and tracing of transplantable human tissue. This process is a requirement to help hospitals meet Joint Commission tissue standards. BSI needed to deliver a best of breed application which exceeded the expectations of modern software users.

We needed to see our software vision come to fruition fast enough for hospitals to see the tremendous value TRACS 4 Life delivers," says Nessa Vercillo,

Senior Vice President, Operations & Implementation. "We were looking for a software development firm that had the vision and flexibility to deliver a hosted application destined to be the market leader in delivering increased patient safety and Joint Commission compliance."

TRACS 4 Life also needed to be a web based application which included all the latest in software functionality requirements such as workflow, automatic notifications, document management and search capabilities.

Alto's Solution

"TRACS 4 Life had to be delivered to the market very quickly to be competitive" says Vercillo." We chose Alto and they recommended Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as the platform to base our solution on. Alto was able to meet and exceed our expectation for software functionality and speed to market."

  • Designed for use in hospitals and surgery centers, TRACS 4 Life is a web based application that enhances patient safety, reduces liability and improves the overall efficiency in the management of human tissue products. TRACS 4 Life provides customizable standard operating procedures (SOPs) developed by physicians and other medical experts at BSI, a healthcare consulting group that specializes in tissue management. SOPs cover each phase in a tissue's lifecycle, from ordering and receiving, to moving, storage and handling, and ultimately surgical implantation. Most importantly, TRACS 4 Life contains SOPs to process the worst case scenarios. 
  • In addition to the SOPs, TRACS 4 Life includes subsystems for supplier and distributor accreditations and certifications, staff competencies and training, and supplier catalog management.

The Benefits

TRACS 4 Life is based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server which makes it very easy to find and act on the massive amount of information present in hospitals and clinics, as well as communicate and collaborate with colleagues, and manage tasks and subscribe to alerts. The portal includes real time database integration through SharePoint's Business Data Catalog technology.TRACS 4 Life delivers the following benefits to hospitals:

Patient Safety

  • Tracking of recipient information
  • Adverse reaction investigations
  • Recall procedures
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Risk Reduction
  • Manage entire tissue lifecycle from product ordering to final disposition
  • Vendor qualification procedures
  • Staff training requirements
  • Tracing of product handling and product storage conditions
  • Broad reporting capabilities for identifying performance improvement opportunities

Software Attributes

  • Secure, web-based application hosted within the facility
  • User friendly Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server platform
  • Significantly reduces cost overruns and waste due to
    • expired tissue
    • lack of consignment inventory
    • duplicate orders
  • Customizations available for specific SOPs of each hospital​