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Alto Can Help Transform Your Business with the Cloud.

Alto located in Minneapolis, Minnesota will help you take full advantage of your move to the cloud and Microsoft Online Services.  Alto provides planning, configuration, migration, and integration, as well as ongoing administration and support services. Read more about Online Services in Newsletters.

Alto's highly skilled and fully certified technical staff will smooth your organization's transition to the cloud and help you fully utilize Microsoft's revolutionary cloud offerings.  Get started quickly and cost effectively with Alto's Quick Start Offer.

Get Started Immediately With Alto's Quick Start Offer

Training Opportunities at Alto:

This course provides hands-on, guided experience with the important
features of Office 365.

Interested in training, Getting Started with Office 365

​Our Work
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Dakota Provisionshttp://extspserver/SiteCollectionImages/DPtile.jpg
Turkey processor moves to cloud to reduce costs and increase productivity.
http://extspserver/infrastructure-minneapolis-minnesota/infrastructure-case-studies/dakota-provisionsIn page navigation
Mauer Chevrolethttp://extspserver/SiteCollectionImages/MaueChelTile.jpg
Migrated to Exchange Online to reduce administrative costs.
http://extspserver/infrastructure-minneapolis-minnesota/infrastructure-case-studies/mauer-chevroletIn page navigation
Blaine Brothers http://extspserver/SiteCollectionImages/blainebrotherstile.png
Implemented Microsoft Online Suite that includes Exchange and SharePoint.
http://extspserver/infrastructure-minneapolis-minnesota/infrastructure-case-studies/blaine-brothersIn page navigation