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Blaine Brothers Exchange Online Solution

"By going off-premise we saved the purchase of additional hardware and we removed the headache of our staff having to manage and maintain critical servers."

- Chief Financial Officer, Blaine Brothers

Customer and industry
Blaine Brothers, Transportation

Microsoft Exchange On-line

Microsoft Exchange On-line

Customer profile
Blaine Brothers has been serving the transportation industry since 1979. They provide and deliver the best parts, truck and trailer service, maintenance, towing, and skill in the trucking industry. The company has 2 primary locations and 90 employees.

The Challenge

Blaine Brothers wanted to reduce monthly server maintenance fees, eliminate concerns about server reliability and simplify processes. Senior management was having issues with email addresses being added to a spam lists which would not allow them to send to certain people in organizations that they did business with.

The Solutions
Based on Blaine Brothers needs, Alto recommended Microsoft’s Online Suite. This solution included Exchange, SharePoint, Live Meeting and Office Communicator.

Exchange Online is a Microsoft hosted messaging service that provides world class data protection, availability and anywhere access that Blaine Brothers requires including Spam and virus protection. They never have to worry about servers, updates, patches or backups that come with having a mail server on premise.

The company plans to use Office Communication Online to speed up communication among employees at multiple locations. They can see presence indicators in any Microsoft Office program, indicating the availability of colleagues and can initiate instant messaging conversations to get quick answers.

Blaine Brothers expects the Office Live meeting will help its employees to communicate with clients and conveniently hold management meetings from both locations, saving money on transportation costs. 

Benefits of the Buisness Productivity Online Suite

Ease of Use

  • Your end users have a unified experience to access all of the hosted services you're using
  • Administrators only have one place to go to manage subscriptions and to configure all Online Services
  • End users have the ability to securely access the service anywhere without the need for a VPN connection and through a wide selection of mobile devices

Greater Flexibility

  • Online offerings integrate with on-premises servers and applications so that organizations can run some applications internally and others as hosted services
  • Leverages tools such as Active Directory synchronization so you can make online, on-premises, or hybrid deployment choices by service, user roles, and geography to meet organizational needs best

Improved Agility

  • Quickly enhance or expand your IT capacity by adding new services without having to invest in the development of new skills or deploying new hardware and software
  • Free your valuable IT resources from routine management tasks to focus on core business initiatives that can deliver a true competitive advantage

Business-class Security & Reliability

  • Microsoft Online Services run on a global network of world-class data centers
  • Datacenters and services are protected by multiple layers of security and operational best practices
  • Microsoft Online Services guarantee a service level agreement of 99.9% uptime
  • Managed by rigorously screened and highly trained staff

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