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​Who needs to participate for a successful Business Driven I.T. Assessment and Roadmap Engagement?
The initial engagement requires participation from those responsible for overall business strategy:  CEO, CFO, COO.  In the initial stages of the process participation by the CIO is optional because of the heavy emphasis on business strategy and information flow.  Each company determines for themselves who the best upper management team is to meet objectives. 


How much time will our staff need to allocate to have a successful engagement?
A typical engagement requires a series of high-level strategy meetings followed by more targeted questions for specific business strategists.


What is the next step after completion of the Assessment and Roadmap?
Leveraging the Business I.T. Assessment and Roadmap to develop an implementation plan is the next step.  Alto provides this service and has many partnerships with specific solution providers to include in the implementation planning process when appropriate.


Will the assessment and roadmap be vendor agnostic?
Yes.  The assessment and roadmap is designed to deliver a big picture I.T. guide based on your needs.  Specific products and solutions will be addressed during the implementation planning process.  During the implementation plan development process specific vendor products and services will be discussed.  Because of the depth and breadth of Microsoft solutions, they are always considered during the implementation planning process.  If for any reason, Microsoft solutions are not cost effective or do not deliver needed functionality, alternative solutions will be examined on a case by case basis.  Alto has been a Microsoft Partner for over 25 years and is in a unique position to use our experience to efficiently align business needs with I.T. solutions.