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"Working with Alto has streamlined our sales process and made our customer management very simple to maintain.  Alto has been extremely helpful and we highly recommend their knowledgeable team for your project."

- Business Development, NEI Electric

Customer and Industry

NEI Electric (NEI) provides​ quality electrical solutions allowing the customer, to focus on their business.​ 


Create a central repository for NEI's customer and contact information along with the ability to track their opportunities and sales better.


Microsoft's Dynamics CRM Online

Customer Profile

NEI Electric (NEI) provides prompt, courteous and quality electrical solutions allowing the customer, to focus on their business. They provide personalized service, skilled craftsmanship and state of the art electrical solutions second to none. NEI has a staff with over 25 years of experience in electrical design. They have completed electrical projects ranging from one-hour service calls to large-scale, multi-million dollar projects. NEI's work experience includes facilities for healthcare, commercial, data centers, industrial, food processing, education and religious, institutional, retail and housing.

The Challenge

NEI needed a central repository for their customer and contact information along with the ability to track their opportunities and sales better. They had a CRM system in place that was hosted by a 3rd party, but it was not being used much. The system did not meet their needs and they found it hard to work with. On the business front, the executives needed the ability to see the pipeline, forecast sales, track opportunities and track the activity of the sales team. The sales team needed an application that gave them easy access to all the necessary information related to a customer including sales summary and communication history.

Alto’s Solution

  • Microsoft's Dynamics CRM Online was chosen as the platform. Their implementation of CRM was customized to handle their business processes and to capture their data. Most of the end users use CRM's Outlook client so they do not have to open any other application to access their CRM data.
  • Alto migrated relevant data from their existing CRM to CRM Online so they get a head start. Custom business rules, forms, views, dashboards, and reports were created to meet their needs. Security roles were implemented to provide the right level of access to various staff members.
  • ​Alto trained NEI's staff to help them with the transition to the new and improved CRM Online.

Resulting Benefits

  • NEI was able to get their staff up and running and using the new CRM system quickly.
  • Customization of CRM to meet the business and end user needs along with the training helped in gaining user adoption.
  • Sales staff can view customer data without having to switch applications when working with a customer.
  • Executives and project managers can track sales and opportunities much more easily.
  • Switching to Dynamics CRM Online resulted in savings on a monthly basis compared to their old system.
  • Ability to access their desktops and MS CRM remotely gives them the added advantage of being able to work from anywhere.​​​​​​​​​​​