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Company Profile

Elastomeric Roofing Systems, Inc. (ER Systems) is a national leader in cool roofing technology and a strong supporter of sustainable and renewable building technologies. ER Systems was the first company to develop roof restoration systems specifically designed for its particular application: Metal Roofing and walls, Single Ply Membranes, Asphalt roofing, Spray Polyurethane Foam and masonry walls. ER Systems products are sold directly to roofing contractors by trained and experienced ER Systems technical salespeople. This sales group is the largest all employed sales force of any roof coatings company in the nation.

Critical Issue

ER Systems wanted to be able to share their customer related information amongst the sales people and other staff members. Along with the general information about their customer, ER Systems also wanted to track sales related activities as well as marketing efforts undertaken by their staff members. They needed a Customer Relationship Management system that could be rapidly deployed, easily customized, easily adopted by end users as well as easy to administer.

Alto's Solution 

To enable all staff members to collaborate and share information with each other, Alto installed Small Business Server 2003 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. MS Dynamics CRM 3.0 (MS CRM) is an easy to use, customizable, and scalable front-office solution for tracking and managing ER Systems sales, service and marketing efforts. Alto customized MS CRM to better accommodate the data ER systems needed to capture for their customers and staff members. Alto also provided custom training to get the end users and their administrator up to speed with the MS CRM application.

Resulting Benefits

  • ER Systems was able to get up and running very quickly with Small Business Server and MS CRM.
  • ER Systems gained cost efficiencies with the MS CRM application while reaping the benefits of a centralized data store.
  • Flexibility and expandability in the architecture of the MS CRM system via inbuilt easy to use tools allows ER Systems to further customize the CRM application on their own gaining further cost efficiencies.

Technologies Used 

  • MS Dynamics CRM 3.0
  • Small Business Server 2003 ​​