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Customer and Industry

American Investors Bank and Mortgage (AIBM) offers a full ine of banking products.


Create a Customer Relationship Management system that had the following features. It c
an be deployed quickly; is easy to administer, is easily customizable to their industry and business needs, and will be well adopted by end users.​


  • MS Dynamics CRM 4.0
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Reporting Services 2005
  • Small Business Server 2003​​​​​​​​​​​

Customer Profile

American Investors Bank and Mortgage (AIBM) offer a full line of banking products that are practical and uncomplicated. They strive to provide products that help make life easier for their customers by helping them manage their finances without gimmicks, elaborate paperwork, or exorbitant fees.

The Challenge

AIBM wanted to be able to share their customer related information amongst the brokers and other staff members. Along with the general information about their customer, American Investors also wanted to track sales related activities as well as marketing efforts undertaken by their staff members. They were looking for a Customer Relationship Management system that had the following features:

  • Can be deployed quickly.
  • Is easy to administer.
  • Easily customizable to their industry and business needs.
  • Well adopted by end users.
They decided to use MS Dynamics CRM. AIBM had their internal IT install CRM 3.0. However, the application was not customized to align with their business needs. This resulted in lower user adoption.

Alto’s Solution

  • ​​Alto upgraded their Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 installation to CRM 4.0 since this was already in the market.  Alto customized their MS CRM to better accommodate the data American Investors needed to capture for their customers and staff members. The addition of custom attributes, custom views and custom reports helped the end users access their data consistently and quickly. ​
  • Customizations were also made to align with their terminology. This helped with user adoption.  
  • Alto also provided custom training to get the end users and their administrator up to speed with the MS CRM application.

Resulting Benefits

  • American Investors was able to align their MS CRM application with their business processes in a short time
  • American Investors gained cost efficiencies with the MS CRM application while reaping the benefits of a centralized data store.
  • End users became more efficient and productive
  • End users were able to create their own Word and E-mail templates that they used for marketing and sales efforts
  • End users became more self-sufficient due to the ability to create reports on their own
  • Management had complex reports available at their finger tips to stay in touch with the pulse of their company

aibm ​